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What we do

Explore ENIITO

We have committed ourselves to become the only place you need to go to whether you’re a a traveller seeking inspiration for what to do on a sunny day in Copenhagen, a professional sharing exclusive insights from the northern way of living or just a curious soul trying to dig into that certain nordic feeling.

Explore our blog and get a deeper understanding of the Nordic way of living. We will share everything from in depth investigations of the Nordic heritage to short and inspiring insights from the upcoming designers at our marketplace, eniito.com.

Our blog is divided in four categories; People, Design, Inspiration and Escapes.

People – interviews and insights from inspiring people of the North

Design – About the finer things in life

Inspiration – Shopping and styling tips and tricks from international trendsetters and designers at eniito.com

Escapes – a local’s view on what to do, where to go, what to see and much more.  Inspired by people we interview and our great network of designers from eniito.com

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[ac_block_quote author=”Camilla Thuv – Fashion Designer” author_url=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fblog.eniito.com%2Fcamilla-thuv-bts%2F||” title=”The Nordics”]

“The people in the North care a lot about each other, they’re patient and very resistant. There’s a lot of humor and ironi, something I think is vital to deal with the dark winters and the unpredictable weather conditions.”